The Advantages Of Real-time Customization for Yachts



Virtual Reality (VR) increases the effectiveness of marketing strategies and improves sales which eventually leads to a higher profit margin.  With the wide array of benefits from using VR, real-time customization is one of the notable few. SW Interactive has conducted more than 1,000 demos in 2017 for several renowned names in the yacht and real estate industries, including agencies along with potential yacht and real estate buyers. The feedback from our participants after these demos revealed the advantages of real-time customization. Here, we will take a deeper look and explore the advantages of real-time customization for yachts. This is firsthand information that you will not find anywhere else.

1) Shorter Sales Cycle

Customer customization would definitely be a hassle when you’re dealing with a luxury product that is as massive as a yacht. The ability to view specific parts and components are restricted to dedicated product catalogs. However, the possibilities become endless with VR as it provides your clients with an entire range of real-time configurable options - from colours and materials to lights and engine variants. Traditionally, your clients would have to browse through multiple pages of a brochure to narrow down their selections. Not to mention the waiting time of placing orders for specific parts, only to find out that they decided to go with another option, and repeat the whole process again. VR has gotten rid of this fuss, streamlining your product catalog for ease of browsing and instantly allowing your clients to interact with their customization in their personal virtual yacht. By eliminating tedious back and forth processes between the manufacturer and customer, VR will definitely shorten the sales cycle for luxury yacht merchants.

2) Increase Customer Retention

The new generation of luxury shoppers have grown increasingly demanding for a premium customer experience from luxury brands. They place more emphasis and value on the customer experience over the product offerings which heavily influences their decision to make a purchase. VR has paved the way for luxury yacht merchants to deliver a unique and immersive experience through the buying process. Clients are able to interact and customize their personal yachts all in one comfortable space. It immediately provides your clients with a sense of ownership over the yacht as they feel an attachment to their creation. They are even able to share the designs of their customized yachts with friends and family while it’s still in the midst of being built. VR is transforming traditional sales methods with the added advantage of attracting and retaining luxury shoppers.

3) Lower Costs

Nothing goes better with the increment of sales than the reduction of costs for luxury yacht merchants. This further propels the profits margin for your business. Shipbuilders are able to build yachts tailored specifically to your client’s creation, reducing the number of revisions and discrepancies between both parties. Furthermore, data on your clients’ preferences can be recorded and measured for future improvements. Showcased yachts will cater to specific demographics, reducing the number of boats needed at boat shows and optimizing the full potential of exhibitions as well as showrooms.

The list of advantages above are but a small fraction of the numerous benefits VR has for yacht retailers. Here at SW Interactive, we are currently developing VR for the yacht industry and have upcoming plans to do so for other sectors of the luxury industry such as real estate. If you wish to find out more about what VR could do for you, do not hesitate to contact us.