6 Reasons to Integrate Virtual Reality into Your Sales Pipeline


The technological landscape is constantly progressing with new innovative products springing out more often. This attributes to changes in the way luxury brands approach their marketing and sales tactics, integrating new technology to increase the effectiveness of their businesses. Certain luxury brands have adopted and integrated virtual reality (VR) into their marketing programs which yielded positive results for their business objectives and sales. It is certainly necessary for businesses to quickly adjust in the digital age; they need to learn how new technology can help to increase the effectiveness of business as well as integrating them into future marketing plans.

Here are 6 reasons and benefits which demonstrate why virtual reality should become a part of your marketing program.

1)    Strong interaction with product features and functionalities

VR allows your clients to have an immersive experience with your products. They are able to see features to scale and interact with different objects or items found in the virtual environment. This benefit is more apparent with large scale luxury products such as yachts as your clients are able to have a virtual tour of the product, visiting different areas with ease should they please. VR amplifies the user experience with fewer distractions and more focus while they interact with the different functions of your product in a virtual realm.

2)    Shorter sales cycle

This is one of the biggest benefit from using VR to market your products. VR allows for ease of customization, granting your clients the ability to make modifications and gain a preview of those changes instantly. VR speeds up your client’s decision-making process as the interface grants them easy access to your entire design catalogue, streamlining the purchasing process and resulting in a shorter sales cycle.

3)    Higher accessibility with lower costs

You no longer need to display a full range of your products in stores, showrooms or exhibits. This is especially beneficial for the marketing of larger scale luxury products as it is rather expensive to build and transport a wide variety of products to different venues. With VR, you will only need to display one or two samples and let VR handle the rest of your inventory. Your clients will gain access to different designs and models of your product, all bundled in an immersive experience with VR. They are even able to test and interact with your products in different environments without having the need to physically travel to multiple destinations.

4)    Premium experience for premium products

Consumers are placing stronger emphasis on the customer experience and journey which influences their purchasing decision. When it comes to selling a luxury product, it is important for you to offer a higher level of customer experience because they are paying for something more than the ordinary. Therefore, the purchasing journey should be nothing less than that. VR allows users to interact with your products in a safe and comfortable environment, paired with the ease and speed of customization, it is surely a vital asset to have in your marketing plan.

5)    Increased social mention

VR is a truly unique experience which engages your clients in a whole new way. Research has shown that brands who invest in VR are more likely to go viral and that 81% of consumers who use VR shares their unforgettable experience with friends. This will attract more attention to your brand and product, raking in a larger number of potential clients.

6)    Efficient data measurements

Adding on to the many benefits that VR brings about, would be the ability to measure the effectiveness of your presentation or simulation. VR analytics allows you to know what product or design a customer is most interested in, at which points of the simulation are they most engaged and even which of them are most likely to make a purchase. You are then able to make improvements to engage better with your clients as you tailor the product features according to their preferences.

VR has displayed various abilities to streamline your sales process and they are bundled together within this innovative technology. With VR’s constant growth of popularity, more brands are learning to exploit this amazing innovation and incorporate it with their business sales plan.

If you wish to find out more about how VR can help to improve your business and stay ahead of your competition, do not hesitate to contact us.