From graphic design to Virtual Reality

From Graphic design to Virtual Reality.png

From graphic design to Virtual Reality

What does the design team need to know before SW Interactive starts building the yacht in Virtual Reality

Using Virtual Reality (VR) helps to speed up boat launch of  2 years into 1 year and may start to sell with digital model presence. A demonstration of the designs to your clients in VR is geographical locations accessible, cost savvy, effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, enticing option to display boat designs and the ability to start selling the digital boat even before it fully finished constructed.

What are the necessary items required for VR?

Prepare a brief discussion with every party involved in the project. Thus, listening well to the owner and trying to understand their requirements. Getting off all the designs instead of going through pretty pictures of brochures magazines. Working with clients and try to establish a new interior design, though the outcome might not be exactly of their expectation.

Once had a brief discussion with every party involved in the project, the overview of the boat builders such as scale plans of the real vessel, drawings for plank-on-bulkhead construction or general arrangement blueprints; project details of the boat in Computer-aided design (CAD) or 3-Dimensional designs and also the measurements / dimensions of the boat, materials and accommodation for submission of the conversion. As per the image below.



Questions to ponder. How long are the VR process? What are the customization, colours, materials and were there changes in there interior of the boat?

Depending on the various customization requested for the VR conversion. For standard common details, the VR model could be a ready estimation of 1 month. As it is a default basic details such as; basic colours selection, basic type of materials details and common size measurements.

Wherelse for various choices of customization, such as; changing a cabin into an entertainment room, more choices colours selection, placing of amenities, sophisticated materials, and others various customization, VR model could be ready at an estimation of 3 months.

The timeline, it may sound a detour of the designs of the sketches or 3-Dimensional model and wondering what is the comparison between those and the VR model? The process of converting focusing on every niche of details, measurements of every corner and high-resolution quality of realistic. Therefore, every details matter and every interactivity plays a part in the overall experience.

The reason behind, VR is a unique tool to get your client to interact with the designs. Also to minimize the timeline of sketching revision for your client to view the final outcome of a full boat model.

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