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How to Use Virtual Reality for Luxury Retail?

There’s quite a buzz about Virtual Reality (VR) lately.In fact, VR has existed for many years, but its approach to the mass market has continued to be honed and perfected.The popularity for VR continues to grow. That means the luxury retail market brands, including yacht professionals, are starting to get fatigued by the various outreach requests for adapting to new technologies.

Here, we have a list of 7 common questions about VR!

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Two Ways Customers have Changed, and Two Ways to Lead the Pack

We think you’ll agree with us when we say, “The challenge companies have is that technology is changing the way customers behave.” With the sheer amount of information, it’s hard to keep up. Here, we’re pointing out two crucial ways in which customers have changed and two ways for you to stay at the forefront of your industry.

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7 Innovation Trends For Luxury Industries In 2018

The global luxury market has displayed a stable growth with increasing diversity. However, challenges are seen in the forecast for luxury brands as they face competition due to the emergence of new trends that have the ability to influence the luxury industry. It is imperative for luxury brands to keep up with trends in order to effectively engage consumers with ever increasing demands.

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6 Reasons to Integrate Virtual Reality into Your Sales Pipeline

The technological landscape is constantly progressing with new innovative products springing out more often. This attributes to changes in the way luxury brands approach their marketing and sales tactics, integrating new technology to increase the effectiveness of their businesses. It is certainly necessary for businesses to quickly adjust in the digital age; they need to learn how new technology can help to increase the effectiveness of business as well as integrating them into future marketing plans.

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What’s Going To Happen With VR In 2018

The year of 2018 entails a big leap for Virtual Reality. Since the initial launch of the innovative technology, users have seemed to struggle with the hardware required for VR as the systems have to be connected to an external computing device in order to work. The VR headsets are usually tethered to a PC or gaming console because of the high requirements for computing power necessary for the hardware to work.

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