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All You Need to Know About Singapore Yacht Show

Singapore Yacht show – Asia’s leading yacht and luxury show is here. It is the only yacht show in Singapore, which is fully supported by Global Yachting Industry and Singapore Tourism Board. Like all the previous ones, the 8th edition of the show is going to be a great place to discover some of world’s finest yachts and super yachts in an elite and highly social setting.

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How to Use Virtual Reality for Luxury Retail?

There’s quite a buzz about Virtual Reality (VR) lately.In fact, VR has existed for many years, but its approach to the mass market has continued to be honed and perfected.The popularity for VR continues to grow. That means the luxury retail market brands, including yacht professionals, are starting to get fatigued by the various outreach requests for adapting to new technologies.

Here, we have a list of 7 common questions about VR!

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7 Reasons Why Luxury Yacht Builders Need to Invest in Virtual Reality

It’s a common misconception that technological innovation is directly counter to a luxury brand’s ethos. But in fact, when we look more closely at one of the hottest technology trends, it’s no surprise that luxury brands are helping pave the way towards technological revolution with Virtual Reality (VR). Virtual Reality is hitting the luxury yacht retail and making big waves for the future.

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Virtual Reality or 360 videos- Which One Suits Your Business? Know the differences!

Virtual reality and 360-degree videos are right now among the most talked about topics in the field of technology.A number of companies have started exploring these technologies in order to give their brand an edge over the competitors.Here, with the help of infogographics, we’ve discussed some of the basic differences between VR and 360 videos.

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Millennials: The Future of Luxury Retail

According to the white paper, “Five Luxe Trends for 2015” by marketing expert Pam Dazinger, millennials will have the highest potential to become the largest spending generation in history by 2035. Bain & Co also predicts that millennials will heighten the value of the luxury goods industry to $324 billion, accounting for 45% of the market by 2025. This entails a challenge for many luxury brands as research reveals that traditional business models do not resonate well or align with their values and expectations.

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The Advantages Of Real-time Customization for Yachts

Virtual Reality (VR) increases the effectiveness of marketing strategies and improves sales which eventually leads to a higher profit margin. With the wide array of benefits from using VR, real-time customization is one of the notable few. Here, we will take a deeper look and explore the advantages of real-time customization for yachts.

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