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How to Use Virtual Reality for Luxury Retail?

There’s quite a buzz about Virtual Reality (VR) lately.In fact, VR has existed for many years, but its approach to the mass market has continued to be honed and perfected.The popularity for VR continues to grow. That means the luxury retail market brands, including yacht professionals, are starting to get fatigued by the various outreach requests for adapting to new technologies.

Here, we have a list of 7 common questions about VR!

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Our First Boat Show of the Year - How was The Phuket RendezVous 2018 for SW Interactive?

2018 kicked off with The Phuket RendezVous, a luxury event focused on Yachts that unites the most important brands of the industry in Asia.  During the event, our main goal was to provide important names of the industry with the experience of being on a yacht in Virtual Reality. And these are our takeaways

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